my room…

I sit on my bed, looking out on my cozy little bedroom.  Above me, white butterflies flutter covering my wall.  As I lean back on my soft pillows my gaze drifts over to where the keyboard stands, the music stand cluttered with piano books from the days practicing.  Right next to it is the oak door, tall and erect like a soldier.  On the wall in front of me is my bulletin board.  Covered with photos of faraway friends, cards of thanks, and notes that say ” I love you”.  Under it is my desk, small and white with a blue lamp and a green chair.  Then my dresser with a hairbrush, a mirror, a special bear from Mom and Dad, and a small poster reminding me of my wonderful counselor, and everlasting father, Jesus.  Just a few feet away is my window, giving light to my whole room.  On the window seat is my violin, a few stray library books, and a CD player.  And last, my bedside table.  A green lamp, a cheap little alarm clock, and a box of tissues are all that make their home there.  And as I look out over my small, cozy room, I feel blessed that God had given me all I need.


2 thoughts on “my room…

  1. Maggie! You are a great descriptive writer! I feel like I know exactly what your room looks like! Did you take these pictures? They are wonderful!

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