a weekend with dad…

This weekend my mom went to Lincoln with a friend and that means we get a weekend with dad.  YEAH!  As soon as mom walked out the door, we all started shouting, ” Lets get this party started!  Lets get this party started!”.  That is how the best parties begin you know!  First up, a trip to the zoo.  The most fascinating thing I saw there was a two toed sloth eating lettuce… (upside down!)

Have you ever seen that before?  I sure hadn’t!

While we were walking out of the Zoo, I read the sign, “The Henry Doorly Zoo”.  Then Justin exclaimed, “Its called the Henry Doorly  Zoo?  I always thought it was the Hunky Doory Zoo!”.  That made us laugh!

On Friday night Simon had an Awana Games practice so Justin and I went to Hobby Lobby with dad.  I had the best time picking out stickers and scrapbook paper for a craft I’m going to do.

(if you need stickers, Hobby Lobby is the place to be!)

And look who I found to be my cart pusher…

And Saturday morning is always special breakfast day at our house!

Coffee Cake, Yummy!


Then on Saturday night we went to Red Mango, the best frozen yogurt place ever!

And mom came home Sunday Morning, thus ending our party.  We had a great time though, and always look forward to these weekends with dad.



2 thoughts on “a weekend with dad…

  1. Maggie! I was at Hobby Lobby on Friday too!!! But I was in the fabric section, and I think I went a little before the Awana Games started. I went to the one on Millard Rd, is that the one you went to?

  2. Sounds like a great time, Miss Maggie…you, Si and Jus have been blessed with a wonderful daddy who is full of fun ideas! I’m sure the “The Honky Doory Zoo” made for some laughs… pretty funny!!

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