no ordinary person…

This morning I woke up, the birds were chirping, the sun was peeking out…
And I opened up this book, and picked up on day five:
“God reveals what He is about to do. That revelation becomes an invitation to join him.”
“He is able to do anything He pleases with one ordinary person fully dedicated to Him.”

1.plain or undistinguished
2.of no special quality or interest

1.wholly committed to something
2.set apart or reserved for a specific purpose

I sure don’t know about you, but sometimes lots of the time, I wake up feeling like an ordinary person who is about to have an ordinary day. I am lazy to get up at the thought of a another regular day. With God though, each day is an adventure! HE is able to do anything he wants, whatever his will is, in our day, if we are fully committed to him and HIS good plan, not ours. We can join him in what he is doing around us, he invites us to join him in his work. Will you join me in trying to live, wholly committed to God so that he can work through us?

~ maggie


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