The other day I found a website called PicMonkey. It is a photo editing website that is easy and fun. There is everything from filters to putting words on pictures to whitening teeth. It is so easy to use and makes not very great pictures turn into masterpieces. Below are a few pictures I transformed using PicMonkey (just so you know, these are really old photos that I found and was messing with):



(this one I made us look cartoonish)

…and now for my favorite, here are before and after pictures…before:


and after:


I know, isn’t is so cool! I love PicMonkey and whenever I have free time I have been playing with my pictures. More masterpiece photos to come…
~ maggie
p.s. If you click on the picture it should make it bigger…

p.s.s. I just HAD to put this adorable photo at the bottom, isn’t it awesome?!


4 thoughts on “PicMonkey!

  1. Hey you need to post again! :) I like hearing what you are up to these days, since I NEVER see you any more. :D

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