So I woke up to one of my little brothers playing random chords on the piano, my other brother squeaking our dog’s toy very loudly, and the birds chirping. As I lay there I had a hard time distinguishing the birds chirps from the dogs squeaking toy. So that was just a random little glimpse into my waking up… :)

Then the realization came to me- it is June 1st! What? I feel like we just started May!
At my house everything is a little crazy… We leave for KS in two days while my parents are directing a camp for foster kids they run every summer. We are trying to pack, load up the trailer, and do all kinds of last minute things. I haven’t even given any thought to what I am packing yet, shhhh don’t tell ;)

So why did I write all that? Well, when I woke up in the middle of chaos, all I wanted to do was go back to bed but I pulled out my bible study and read God’s word. It is so encouraging when you just take a few minutes to spend time talking to God and reading His word. So I have a challenge:
In January I did the Thirty Day Challenge with my dad. We read something from the Bibke and journaled about it, everyday for thirty days. It seems really overwhelming at first, but when you take it one day at a time, it feels so good.

I am challenging you to join me in the 30 day challenge in June. It could look different for you than it does for me but just take time to read the Word and pray for 30 days in a row. Most days I am going to try and journal about what I read, because it helps me to remember it through the day. If you live in town, at the end of the challenge I am treating everyone who does it to Red Mango to celebrate!!! I am talking to everyone! Grandmas and grandpas, adult friends, anyone, any age! So, it starts today, read the Word, pray, and maybe journal….. Ready, set, GO!!!!!

~ maggie
Oh and by the way, throughout the challenge I will be posting stuff that I read and journaled about…


5 thoughts on “June?

  1. I am so in!!! Thanks for the challenge, sunshine! Lately reading has been easy, but journaling harder. I am going to write something down everyday for 30 days!
    I love you!

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