a fun-filled summer!

I have been laughing at myself lately because I have been taking pictures here and there and everywhere, all the while thinking to myself: “This will make a great blog post! and then the days go by, and the weeks, and then the months, and it never becomes the “great blog post” it was going to be.  So, even though everyone of the pictures below was destined to be its own post, they have all been put into one :)  Below are bits and pieces of my summer and early fall, enjoy!

~ A family reunion in Colorado, and mountain biking with my dad!

~ A visit to Ikea in Denver on the way home from Colorado to get some things for my new room (yes, a post on that coming soon!)

~ An amazing trip to the Dominican Republic, where my heart was broken once again for the amazing people and where God showed up in so many ways

~ A fun trip to the Lake of the Ozark’s and lots of boat rides on Grandpa’s new boat!

~ Swimming at Mimi’s house with cousins and uncles and making funny videos in the pool :)

~ A “pioneer” dinner prepared by Mom: pot roast, mashed potatoes, and orange avocado salad

~ Making a fun banner for my friend’s birthday

~ Giving my puppy a cute new haircut with mom (isn’t he so cute!)

~ And doing my hair a fun new way and pretending I was a cowgirl :)

Thank you for looking at all those pictures!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with JOY from HIM!

And now, I’ll leave you with this :)


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