It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Hello friends..yes, I’m still alive…just not had a lot of extra time to post :) I am trying to get back into it so we’ll see how long it lasts ;) Enjoy these fun pictures of all the Christmas things up at our house!


From left to right:

1) beautiful chalk art done by my amazing mama

2) Pretty snowflake ornament on the tree

3) Christmas cards from friends

4) Our seed pots ~ planted when a small act of kindness is done…see Ann’s post on how to slow down Christmas

5) Raccoons reading the Christmas story :)

6) JOY letters

7) Durley Mansion in our Christmas Village

8) A village bird seller

9) The village church

And a few more fun pictures that didn’t fit in the collage…


Just made a few of these for an afternoon snack..they were yummy :)


The full picture of the church in our Christmas village…


A cute little ornament my brother made last year…


And I had to end with the full size picture of our chalkboard wall all done up fancy..isn’t that amazing? Beautiful wall art done by my super talented mama.

Is your house beginning to look like Christmas yet?


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