Walking… {a challenge (or three)}

IMG_0393 IMG_0433



The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of HIS hands…

A refreshing walk with my puppy…soaking in all of His majesty in the sunset and blue sky…

Taking up  the challenge with my friend over at All Things Possible

So good for my puppy, so refreshing and energizing for me, and so awesome to get to soak in all this beauty and His majesty

Also challenged today by my wonderful friend to look for HIM in creation, in healing, and in love…

And lastly, challenged by Ann to find beauty in the little things and count 1,000 gifts in this year of 2013…

Will you join me in these challenges? One, 365 Dog Walks challenge with my friend.  Two, looking for HIM in creation, healing, and love.  And three, 1,000 gifts by the end of 2013…

To start us off…some off the gift list from the last few days:

reading in bed with mama, all cozied up

~ wonderful friend’s big brother who treats me like another little sis and makes me laugh

sitting around the dinner table, laughing until our stomachs hurt

fresh starts and routines again

~ that I am called to be a prisoner of hope  (scroll down until the post written on August 24)

sunshine, “warm” winter days, silly puppy, and refreshing walk

seeing HIM



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