{random picture thursday}

Hi! :) Since I haven’t written a post for a while, and there’s no better way to catch up than to post a bunch of fun pictures *wink wink* I decided to have a random picture Thursday here. :)


On April 13th, we got to attend my second cousin’s wedding and stay in Kansas for the weekend.  It was a blast…dancing, cute decorations, family to see, laughter, staying up late playing four on the couch… :) And I got to take the fancy camera along and had my first experience trying to capture a wedding!  It was lots of fun even though I was just messing around.

Image 2

This is the sweet curly head of our foster baby C…she was placed with us on April 10th.  We’ve been asked to be baby C’s foster family while her mom is working toward stability and health.  We really do not how long she’ll be in our home, but at this time it does look like she will be a part of our family for at least 6-9 months or maybe more.  We’re seeking to give her our very best and our hearts for whatever amount of time God ordains.  She is precious. 

Image 23

Image 24

Some yummy gluten-free banana bread I made recently…it is amazing.  If you let it sit on your counter it will be gone in less than a day :)

A few pictures from a trip to the zoo…

Image 8

Image 12

Image 13

Image 14

Image 15

Doesn’t this sleeping goat just make you giggle? :)

Image 7

And sadly that’s all the recent random pictures I could find… :)

Have a wonderful rest of your week friends!


p.s. I hope to be posting more this month!



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