All my fellow townsmen know that you are a woman of noble character.” [Ruth 3:11]
Reading the book of Ruth today I was struck by this verse…Ruth’s noble character shone through so that all the people of the town knew her for it. A more likely thing would be for them to point her out as a foreigner, a widow, or even look at her outer beauty…but everyone knew her for her inner beauty. Her noble character. {Jesus shining through.}
“God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in HIM.”
[John Piper]
Thinking about this quote also this morning and saw how it really fit Ruth’s life. Ruth lived this. She was satisfied in God, depending on Him to give her what she needed…waiting patiently to see what God was going to do in her life, what good plans he had in store. And God was definitely glorified in her and through her. What a beautiful story and example of a young woman who was confident in the Lord, trusting and waiting and being satisfied in HIM, and living a life of integrity, with {Jesus shining through her beautiful heart.}

Father fill us with that kind of character and confidence in You…shine through our hearts so that the world will know us as women of noble character.

251. A DR team…fellowship together.
252. Talking in small groups with other sisters in Christ.
253. berry buckwheat pancakes :)
254. the joys of having a little girl to shop for, mama and I giggling our way through the Target baby section… :)

(Woah girlie…I think we got the wrong size :) )


2 thoughts on “{Ruth}

  1. yes Lord make me a woman of noble character…so i can shine for YOU! great post. you are gonna love Yosemite. very excited for you:))

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